The dental office is a stressful environment.  Managing your team of superstars is difficult when focusing your time on your patients and your dentistry. In order to best manage your team, you need systems or protocols that keep an eye on team member schedules, patient satisfaction, follow up, and everything else that your team does on a daily basis. These protocols will keep your team on track by providing the tools you need to efficiently monitor and direct your team. Hiring new members to your practice is another huge opportunity to strengthen your team, if it is done correctly. While conducting new hire interviews, it’s crucial you create a strategic checklist, and to do this you must know what you are looking for.

Friction among team members is always detrimental to the productivity of your office.  In many cases an impartial mediator is the best solution to employee conflict resolution – someone who can bring the individual team members together in a non-threatening environment to overcome conflict. 

When it comes to your management protocols, conflict resolution process, new team member interviews, and making sure your team members are compatible, Essential Teamology has you covered with a range of Team Management services.


Essential Teamology experts will determine if you already have have Team Leaders and who they are, and confirm if they are the right people for the job and discuss with you. The result is a very specific Personal Improvement Plan unique to your practice, and assist with implementing any improvement plans necessary.


We dig deeply into the dynamics of each practice’s team by getting to know your people, what motivates each of them and how they work together. In each case, we provide an impartial point of view and work directly with the team individuals to identify the root cause of conflicts, resolve current issues and and prevent ongoing conflicts within the team.


Managing the quality of your team is perhaps the biggest hurdle to a smooth-running practice.  Getting the right people in place from the beginning is much easier than fixing what’s broken down the road.  Essential Teamology can help by developing a new hire process, preparing insightful interview questions for each position, and even conduct the new hire interviews, if desired.