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The services offered by Essential Teamology have been carefully developed by our dental practice professional Tammy Hoover. They address the most common issues dentists face in managing their practice, and help our dentists spend their time focusing on their craft and on their patients, rather than in the back office, managing their practice.

Essential Teamology will identify, evaluate and diagnose the challenges you face daily. If your team needs training, coaching, or a better management system, Essential Teamology offers several options. More importantly, once you choose Essential Teamology, you have chosen a partner to help your practice reach its fullest and most efficient potential.


In order to create the highest functioning work environment and business altogether, it is best to see the practice as a whole. Evaluating your processes, departments, and teams is the first... (read more)


To run your practice as smoothly as possible, your team must stay current with the most efficient methods in the industry. Verbal and communication skills and assistant training are among the most... (read more)


Harnessing the potential of your team by actively encouraging personal growth and professional improvement has many long-term benefits for your practice. In regularly defining the job descriptions... (read more)


The dental office is a stressful environment.  Managing your team of superstars is difficult when focusing your time on your patients and your dentistry. In order to best manage your team... (read more)