To create the most efficient and team-oriented work environment, it is critical to view the practice as a whole. Evaluating your processes, departments, and teams is the first and most crucial step in diagnosing the issues of a practice that is not running at it’s highest potential efficiency. 

Undoubtedly the most important aspect of your dental practice, your team's efficiency has the ability to make or break the success of your practice. Clearly defining roles and responsibilities, and keeping your team members accountable for their work will help both them and you determine the necessary changes needed to improve workflow patterns. With the diverse services that dental practices offer, it is crucial to make sure all of your departments are operating at their highest capacity. In order to ensure optimal procedural efficiency, an analysis of dental processes followed by recommendations to improve department functionality is a fundamental place to start.

After an in-depth analysis of departmental procedures and processes, we develop a customized system for your practice’s departments to find the proper solution for systems not functioning at their highest capacity.  Also, because generating and maintaining new patients for your practice is essential to its success, this aspect of your practice should be regularly evaluated and improved upon. This requires using today’s best methods and practices in marketing, new patient generation, and social media. Using a valued partner with vast knowledge of business trends and success strategies is essential to help your practice get and stay on track.

The services below can be used individually or together, depending on the needs of your practice. For each evaluation service, Tammy Hoover will facilitate real-time observation sessions and evaluations. The results of her findings will define specific recommendations for adjustments. 


We offer a detailed evaluation of how effective your team works together to finish all tasks, including how well your administrative and clinical teams communicate. We also evaluate team huddles — are they productive, constructive, and do they contribute to the success of the team that day?


Our analysis of department procedures and processes begins with an in-depth review of your current procedural setting processes put in place.  Once we understand the motives and rationale for current procedures, we thoroughly analyze the challenges and potential opportunities for improvements.  We will analyze the administrative and clinical departments' processes for efficiency in order to improve organization, reduce procedure times, and reduce costs.


If necessary, we can assist with establishing team-building dynamics, create customized systems for morning huddles, technical training of dental assistants, operatory organization and setup, supply ordering system, sterilization procedures. This service focuses heavily on departments as a whole, as well as the individual tasks that make up the department.


Using valued partners with exceptional knowledge of dental practice business trends and success strategies ensures your practice will get on track and stay on track. We will tailor marketing strategies to your business plan by relying on social media, reviews, connect with the dental community, and develop an internal marketing system. This service focuses heavily on patients. Put your dollars where it counts. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to market your practice. Internal marketing often delivers better return on investment.