"Strong team collaborator."

"Tammy is an amazing instructor who truly cares about her students and the quality of their education. She is a strong team collaborator and has great interpersonal skills."

- Natalie P, Higher Education Administrator


"I highly recommend Tammy."

"Tammy was instrumental in establishing our Dental Assisting program.  She worked tirelessly to develop the site relationships necessary for the externships.  She was also an excellent, caring instructor, who made the subject material relevant and interesting.  She coached and tutored students out of class to help them succeed in their profession.  On top of all that, Tammy is a pleasant, enjoyable person to work with.  She is always smiling and brings a positive perspective to daily challenges.  I highly recommend Tammy."

- Larry Capps, Charter College Campus President – Alaskan Campuses




"Tammy's enthusiasm is contagious."

I had the pleasure of working with Tammy while at Charter College in Vancouver, Washington. Tammy’s enthusiasm is contagious and I know that her passion for her students impacted them on a daily basis. She also worked tirelessly to promote her program in the local community to ensure externships and jobs were available for the students in the dental program. Tammy was a positive force on campus and a delight to work with.

- Diane G, Training Manager


"Huge asset to our team."

"Tammy is a great teacher and very organized.  She has led the back office clinic for Compassion Queen Creek the past 2 years and has been a huge asset to our team!"

- Adam Strupp, Expert in Efficiency – Cloud9Ortho


"Passionate about her students"

"I had the pleasure of working with Tammy while I was the Extern Administrator at Charter College from November 2011 - May 2012. Tammy was the Dental Assistant Instructor/Extern Coordinator. She was passionate about her students and worked extremely hard on their behalf. Tammy was instrumental in getting Charter affiliated with many wonderful dental offices in the Vancouver community. With her 20+ years in the Clark County dental community, her many contacts were a boon for students and graduates alike. Many of her Extern students were hired by their sites & she has helped shape a positive reputation for our school. I am very happy for Tammy in her move to AZ but I know she will be missed tremendously by the Career Services Department. Tammy will no doubt contribute great things wherever she goes next."

- Candice F, Director of Career Services