Our experts will help you streamline processes for efficiency and make your team more harmonious.
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Supporting and coaching your team to respect each other and work together, harmoniously and efficiently.
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Keep your team of super stars motivated and productive with any of our team-building services and evaluations.
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Get your practice on track. Essential Teamology has all of the services you need to set goals for your practice and your team, short and long term. Goals have never been more achievable.


We help dental professionals nationwide regain control of their practice by giving them the tools needed to track the progress of their teams and their entire practice. 


No more time wasted on organization, and more importantly no more lost opportunities with patients. Essential Teamology will help you empower each team member to make your practice a success.


Our services have been carefully forged by our dental practice expert Tammy Hoover. They address the most common issues dentists face in managing their practice, and are designed to help our clients spend their time focusing on their craft and on their patients, rather than in the back office, managing their practice.

Essential Teamology will identify, evaluate and diagnose your office practices. If your team needs training, coaching, or a better management system, Essential Teamology offers several options. More importantly, once you choose Essential Teamology, you have chosen a partner to help your practice reach its fullest and most efficient potential.


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To create the most efficient and team-oriented work environment, it is best to view the practice as a whole. Evaluating your processes, departments, and teams is the first and most crucial step in diagnosing the challenges... (read more)



Keeping your team up to date with the most efficient methods in the field is essential if you want to run your practice as smoothly as possible. Verbal and non-verbal communication skills and assistant training are the most in-demand skills... (read more)


Harnessing the potential of your team by actively encouraging personal growth and professional improvement has many long-term benefits for your practice. In regularly defining the job descriptions of each of your team members... (read more)


Managing your team of superstars can be difficult when your focus is on your patients and your dentistry. When it comes to your management protocols, conflict resolution process, new hire interviews, and making sure your team members... (read more)


Tammy Hoover has gained her expertise by working in a multitude of dental settings over the past 30+ years. Here are a few examples of what people who have worked with her have to say about her work, services, and dental industry savvy. 

"Tammy is an amazing instructor who truly cares about her students and the quality of their education. She is a strong team collaborator and has great interpersonal skills." (read more)
Natalie P.
Higher Education Administrator
"I had the pleasure of working with Tammy while at Charter College in Vancouver, Washington. Tammy’s enthusiasm is contagious and I know that her passion..." (read more)
Diane G.
Training Manager
"Tammy was instrumental in getting Charter affiliated with many wonderful dental offices in the Vancouver community. With her 20+ years in the Clark County dental community..." (read more)
Candice F.
Director of Career Services

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With our comprehensive dental practice coaching services, Essential Teamology aims to identify key operational challenges and coach your dental teams effectively in order to increase team efficiency, communication, and skills.

Our method has been developed by Tammy Hoover, dental practice coach and expert with over 30 years of experience in the dental industry, and is proven to enhance the effectiveness of your team and your practice. With in-depth evaluation service options, Essential Teamology's mission is to take the guesswork out of the equation and to give you real solutions for all aspects of your practice.

Through team coaching we will increase your practice profitability, help retain employees, and develop strategies to bring in new patients -- all while helping you energize your team for maximum productivity and connect with your practice like never before.


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